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A year ago Kira Pollack invited me to do the assignment of my life, today we finally launched FIRSTS and my  is singing.

FIRSTS is a multimedia project that celebrates the achievements of 46 women who are changing the world.

I don’t have words to describe how I grew up as a photographer and human being after this project and hope people can inspired by it as much as I am.

Check out the great videos made by Spencer Bakalar and Diane Tsai and the gorgeous digital website.

Thousand thanks for Tara Johnson and Natalie Matutschovsky who worked so hard producing the project.
To Justine Simons Paul Moakley Claire Howorth Gerard Franciosa, Julie Dunham Dilys Ng
To Frank Kalero Elisa Wagner de Vargas Nelson Robson de Vargas Emily Clark Markus Hård Liza Faktor
To Kate Drabczynski, Audrey Melton, Adhat Campos, Brian Fuilda Javier Sirvent, Sandy Whittingtonton ,Fernanda Steffen, Ken Yu Bianca Wilcox, John Victor, Kyle Jones, Spencer Young, Kelsey Wagner, Rachel Wolf, Julysa Sosa, for your assistance.
And many more.

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