Around the World in 80 Plays campaign - Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Glad to be part of Around the World in 80 Plays campaign with Adobe Photoshop @Lightroom. I had the opportunity to explore the Play concept in my home, meeting new people with great stories. Where playing is intrinsically a part of their daily lives.
Producer Thereza Moraes and @blackstage

Here is the great Marajá. He’s been working in the region beaches, walking every day up and down, selling Pastel de banana real (royal banana pastry). Dressed up in a traditional way, with the biggest smile, and dancing from one place to another. This is how he’s been able to rise his family. And provide a higher education for all his kids. With hard work but full of joy and play.

Here Kailan Pereira, passionate athlete for all sort of sports, and a great capoeira dancer. He goes with his friends to play capoeira to the beach, before sunset, whenever he can. This not just a dance or a martial art, is a syncretic cultural tradition that has a lot to do with peace of body and mind.

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