Love and loneliness for The Washington Post

“When I saw Mariana and Alessandro going through the dilemma of having a job that is based on risking their own lives for the good of others, I felt that I wanted to tell their stories,” Luisa said. “It’s not going to help me with the feeling of not being really useful in a moment like this one, but I think their deserve public recognition. Them and all of their colleagues around the world.”

Love and loneliness in the time of Coronavirus is a series of personal works from 9 photographers and artists who show the importance of love and human connections in this time of confinement.
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Thanks @chloecolemanmedia @olivierclaurent and mariana and her family who let me into their lives.
Also featuring in this first part @lucileboiron @liamwong @anjalipinto @marie.fantozzi

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