Brazilian Amazon for De Volkskrant

 A month ago I went to Brazilian Amazon with @devries_joost

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Clarissa Alves de Rosa (35), ecologist, works for INPA(National Institute for Amazon Investigation). Her work is to understand medium to long term effects caused by climate change, deforestation, and others.
Alter do Chão region has 300 years old Savanna, formed naturally. This area is an unique environment in terms of biodiversity called intra-amazonic Savanna. The region works as a research laboratory to study the fragmentation and climate change effects from short to long term in Amazon.

Floresta Encantada (Enchanted Forest) is, in fact, an exuberant scenario in Lago Verde in the wet season. The lake rises, the land that separates it from Rio Tapajós disappears, and both become one, revealing a magical submerged forest.

It took a week for this Bolsonaro's billboard to turn into an abstract painting, full of hanger.
Bolsonaro is having a turbulent leadership, involved in all sorts of scandals related to Amazon conservation.

Jaime, our boat guy, showing us how the Savanna trees recovered from the last big fire in September2019
This kind of vegetation has a thick bark that protects the core from burning.
Capadócia, Alter do Chão.

Francisca Lima (41), volunteer firefighter, daughter of an indigenous Borari woman. Alter do Chao beach, Pará.
“We have lost an area around the size of 80 soccer fields in the fire. It’s very sad how the human being destroys something that is so important for us. I worry very much about the legacy I’m leaving to my children and grandchildren. This is a way for me to feel good, alive. I really do this for love, brings me inner peace.”

Land being cleaned with fire for construction purposes.
This is a typical method used to clean areas for construction or crops. Hiring tractors to clean lands in Belterra, Pará, could cost up to R$8,000 (1,250euros) per acre. Making a fire a cheaper option for landowners without resources, they most of the time ending up in environmental disasters.


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